Enhancing Android Device Sounds: The Volume Booster Pro Review

Every time music I like is playing, my immediate instinct is to blast it to the fullest volume. However, at times my Android mobile volume is just not enough. For this reason, I decided to try out the latest version of the Volume Booster Pro app.


The Volume Booster Pro app interface is one of the simplest to use and is eye-catching. The silent, normal and max buttons are at the bottom of your screen. On the far right, there is a thermometer-like pointer that shows the volume amount. Any time the pointer moves up or down, the volume increases or decreases. You can adjust the volume using the red dot found on the press button on the left of the tool section. This is what you get from this Google Play app for smartphone sound modification. The game’s intriguing design deserves a score of 3 out of 5.


The Volume Booster Pro app is intuitive and very practical. The app can boost volumes to 100% as well as mute. Other than the music volume on my phone, the Volume Booster Pro also allows me to control and monitor different sounds such as alarm, call voice volume, and the phone volume. For example, when my phone is in silent mode, and I press the max button, the audio profile on the app changes to general. I can touch the Silent button and all the other audio settings of the Android Mobile change. If I want to reset back to the regular phone sound setting, all I need to do is press the Normal command. When I am playing my music, I can activate the app which then utilizes a built-in Android Equalizer to maximize the frequency channels, resulting in a clearer and enhanced sound. On functionality, the app scores 3.5 out of 5.

Ease of Use

Once I installed the Volume Booster Pro app, it was ready to begin functioning. The Volume Booster Pro app update is straightforward and does not need to be set up. All I did was select the sound that needs boosting such as media player, alarm, or ringtone volume. In my case, I played my Music and adjusted the volume using the Volume Booster Pro. The apk download also allows one to enable or disable the boost via an active notification on this app for all Android devices. This app deserves scores 4 out of 5.


  • Easy to use.
  • Enhances sounds.
  • Affordable (it is free).


  • It is difficult to play music directly from the Android app.
  • Overwhelming amount of ads.
  • It drains the battery.

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