Full Review of Super Cleaner – Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner

Anyone who has an older Android mobile device or uses a smartphone to keep lots of stuff would find the Super Cleaner ideal. This top-level Android cleaning and boosting tool also have junk cleaner, CPU cooler, Phone Booster, app lock, and Antivirus. Here’s the full review.


I find the Super Cleaner more appealing since the design of the app is both consistent and intuitive. By choosing to update it to the latest version, I was able to enjoy extra clarity. The Super Cleaner segment displays the amount of junk, and a single click is enough to save my storage space. Notably, the app also uses simple colours and clarifying icons that make it enjoyable to use. The design of the Super Cleaner deserves a 4.5 score.


The Super Cleaner functions in the same way the name suggests. The Super Cleaner app for all android devices improves my device performance in the following ways:

  • Phone booster – speeds up the Android device and optimizes memory.
  • Junk cleaner – clears junk files.
  • Game booster – Expertly frees your memory space while boosting its speed performance.
  • Antivirus – an efficient virus cleaner that gets rid of all threats.
  • CPU Cooler – Minimizes the temperature of the CPU while enhancing performance.
  • App manager – Manages and analyzes the status of every Android app on the phone.
  • Cache Cleaner – Removes unnecessary cache files in the Google Android device.
  • Battery Saver – Extends battery life by analyzing the battery status.
  • App lock – Has extra passwords to protect my sensitive apps.

Super Cleaner is powered by a top class virus detection engine and identifies and fixes any problem leading to power consumption. Both of these make up the most significant problem with any Android device, making it an ideal Google play app for my device. The Functionality of this app gets a 4.8 score.

Ease of use

Despite its numerous features and usages, the leading phone cleaner and memory booster is easy to use. You require just one click on the specific function icons to effect these features that clean and boost your phone very fast. Moreover, the APK download is small, with a 1-MB installation package, and is surprisingly smart in boosting the phone performance. Therefore, it won’t further bring a space problem like most conventional phone boosters and cleaners. In this category, Super Cleaner deserves a 4.8 score.


  • It is small in size thus no additional space issues.
  • Saves battery life.
  • Excellent usability.


  • It’s possible to delete important files if not used carefully.
  • It also needs some ram space to operate.
  • The numerous ads may be annoying.

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