Full Review of Master for Minecraft-Launcher

If you’re tired of playing Minecraft on your PC, you may as well try it out on your Android smartphone. The game is not new on the market, and this version comes with several similar features to the PC version.


The design feature I find attractive is the floating windows. They help me stay focused on the game always while also allowing me to play while browsing. The clear interface also communicates meaning and function, so even first-timers can still figure out how the app works and how to navigate through it. The game’s intriguing design deserves a score of 4.5 out of 5.


The Master for Minecraft Launcher operates similarly to the game launcher in the PC version. Notably, you can use the Android app alongside the Minecraft Pocket Edition; you just have to ensure it’s installed first. The app allows me to configure the settings before starting the game. I can also import mods, textures, add-ons, and skins to make the game more interesting when applied. The Minecraft Pocket Edition updates the maps, texture, skins, mods, and texture every day, so I can enjoy the latest features that make the game fun.

For the app skins, the 3D preview allows me to preview the thousands of available options in 360 degrees. I can also download them for free. Another exciting feature is that it allows me to change the weather, mode, time, and minimap. In fact, there are plenty of mods in the app for all Android devices including TNT, pet, polar bear, and gun mods. On functionality, the app scores 4.5 out of 5.

Ease of Use

One excellent feature that makes Master for Minecraft Launcher a leading gaming APK download is the floating window. With this feature, I can switch between the game and other applications instantly. For a much smoother experience when using the launcher, I recommend that you update to the latest version, Master for Minecraft Launcher APK 2.1.29 (10443). I also find it easy to navigate since you can access most features at the menu section, including the mods. On the ease of use, Master for Minecraft Launcher scores 4 out of 5.


  • It lets you install downloaded maps and texture packs.
  • It has a rapid build feature.
  • It offers complete character navigation.


  • You must have the Pocket Edition tool installed first to enjoy the game’s features.
  • The Pocket Edition itself and the launcher consume significant RAM space.
  • The app is limited to Android devices only.

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