DFNDR: Antivirus & Cleaner

DFNDR Security is an Android anti-virus software designed to protect your smartphone from hackers. It is effective on Android mobile phones and has managed to attract about 130 million users. The AV-TEST Institute rates it as the best app for protecting your smartphone from hackers.


The designers of this application have used block words and letters to identify different sections of the Android app. Moreover, on the left side of the main screen, there is a setting icon that allows you to enable the features you want to use. Like in other apps for all Android devices, the designers of this application have used icons to identify its different features. Thus, because of the excellent design of the app, the rating is 4/5.


The functionality of the latest version of the DFNDR Security is superb. The security scan is the most important feature in this application. This is a feature that enables you to scan your smartphone removing any viruses or potential threats. Due to the availability of this feature, I will rate this application at 4/5. It is a good tool you can use to protect your smartphone from any harm or threat emanating from viruses, malware, and hackers.

Moreover, the software will check your google play app for the presence of any adware. This is with the intention of cleaning and protecting it against the latest security threats, cyber threats normally evolve. When you install the app on your android phone, the software will update itself in case the latest version is released. Therefore, you do not need to download the latest versions of the DFNDR apk because of this automatic download capability.

Ease of use

I will rate this app at 4/5 because of how easy it is to use it. For instance, you are only required to tap the scan feature for the software to begin scanning your smartphone. Moreover, you do not need any specialized skills to install and begin using the application. This includes enabling the different features of the software and adjusting its settings. It can take about 7 minutes for the full installation process to be complete.


The following are the pros of using the DFNDR Security application:

  • It has the anti-hacking system.
  • Its lock screen charge monitor system protects your battery from overcharging.
  • It has the capability of quickly cleaning your smartphone and removing junk.


The following are the cons of the DFNDR Security application:

  • It is difficult to uninstall
  • Not all features are free, for example, the anti-hacking features.
  • It can be used only with the Android operating systems.DFNDR is an excellent app you can download for free.

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