Greenify APK Download for Android [Latest Version]

Greenify APK - The best android utility app for rooted android device as stated by Life Hacker (Lifehacker Pack for Android). Greenify makes your Android Device Go Green! Previously we shared the best android launcher (Laser Launcher APK) and today we are with the best Android Utility App (Greenify APK). Greenify helps you to boost your android battery life, performance by advance techniques.

So, are you ready to Go Green with Greenify ?

greenify apk
Greenify APK Download

Greenify APK Download

Greenify is an android app developed by Oasis Feng which allows you to boost your android device's performance and achieve a good battery backup.

Do you know many apps are so hungry for your phone's battery that they work in background without your knowledge and make your android slower and eat up lot of battery.

Greenify is designed to tackle those apps from eating up your battery. It uses advanced mechanism to kick out them from tacking any battery or slowing down your phone by just hibernating them previously other apps used to kill them from ram which makes apps slow to load. But greenify just hibernate them and makes it easier to open them without any delay.

Impressed with Greenify? Then what are you waiting for Download Greenify NOW!

Greenify APK Features

  • Works without Xposed Framework (Previously Greenify needed xposed to be used but now it's not necessary now it works independently)
  • Now you can detect "WHO" woke the hibernated apps and optionally cut off them from wake-up path.
  • With Shallow hibernation (works only on android 6.0+)
  • Wake-up timer coalescing
  • Makes your android fast and smooth
  • Extends battery life of your android device.
  • App shortcuts for Android 7.1
  • "Prescriptions (beta)", the community-driven flexible behavior blocking mechanism, precisely targeted with open rules.
Still reading features? Have a look at screenshots and click on the greenify apk download link to begin the download process.


download greenify apk
greenify apk download


How to Download and Install Greenify?

  1. First of all download apk file from given download link below.
  2. Then open file manager of your device and navigate to folder where greenify apk is downloaded.
  3. Click on Greenify.apk to start the install process.
  4. After, clicking on it you will be asked to install it just hit "Install" to begin installation process.
  5. If app is installed you will get "Installation successful"
  6. Voila! Greenify is installed on your android device.


Download Greenify APK

Click on the download link given below to start the download process of Greenify APK.

File Name: Greenify.apk
File Size: 3.2 MB
Version: 3.2.2 (357)
File Type: APK
File Download Link: Download (Google Drive Link)
Android Version: 4.

FAQ about Greenify APK

Q. Is this APK safe to download and install?
A. Yes, it is 100% safe.

Q. Does this app requires root access?
A. Yes, but for some features. You can use it without root too.

Q. Is the download link direct ?
A. Yes, it is direct download link. No survey needed.

Q. What is the size of laser launcher apk?
A. It is mentioned above3.2 MB.

Q. Is it available on Google Play Store?
A. Yes, this app is also available at Play store. (

Q. I am not able to install this app, I am getting Unknown Source Error, How to fix it?
A. You have to tick the Unknown Source in Settings > Security. Then you will be able to install this app.

Q. Will there be any update of this app in future?
A. If this app will receive any update we will post it's new version here.

Q: How to use Greenify on Android 2.x?
A: Sorry, you can't android 2.x lacks a core mechanism that Greenify mainly depends on. You hust have android 4.0+ for using greenify.

I hope you have successfully downloaded and installed greenify apk on your android device. If you haven't, then what are you waiting for download greenify apk for android now.

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Greenify APK Download for Android [Latest Version]
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